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Momyo Shilajit

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Benefits of mummies

Since ancient times, mummies have been used as a painkiller because they contain important substances added to the housing
It has been used since ancient times to cure ulcers, heal and treat fractures because it contains many nutrients for the body
It is used as a diuretic and eliminates gall bladder inflammation and detoxifies it
Prostate inflammation and associated symptoms
It is used by the pregnant mother to strengthen her bones and give her calcium
Rich in iron and folic acid that treats anemia and anemia when consumed and provides the body with energy and activity and eliminate the weakness and fatigue caused by undernourishment
It treats heart disease, blood pressure and tonic for blood circulation in the body, prevents atherosclerosis and protects the body from clots
Help in wound healing, has been tested on people with injuries made that the use of mummies heal his throat faster than those who did not count
Combine memory and eliminate the symptoms of Alzheimer's and strengthening of conservation

It is used as an important sexual stimulant that works to increase erection and work to increase its activity to increase the speed of marital leave

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