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Lactobacillus & Bifidobacterium 4 billion - from 99VITAL

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the description:

    Each capsule contains 4 billion bacterial units
    Eight active and decomposed strains of probiotics.
    One capsule is equivalent to a polypropylene in 8 packs of yogurt.
    Needless to cool


    To resist stomach acid and alkaline yellow and high adhesion to intestines and colon.
    Suitable for travel and excursions.
    To prevent food poisoning, and to raise immunity.
    Support for treatment of bowel infiltration and food allergies.
    Combating harmful yeast in the digestive system, and prosthetic compensation, and can be taken during and after the course of antibiotics.

    How to use:
    Take one capsule to three capsules daily with a glass of water before eating.
    For the best results, take capsules for two to three months continuously.


    Not suitable for immunosuppressants or chemotherapeutic agents for cancer and others.
    Made in Britain under the terms and conditions of a good plant, suitable for vegetarians.

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