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henna indigo

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Indigo powder dye is a historic dye with bluish tint color which is found in plant known as indigofera tinctoria. This plant is grown all around the world and is famous as “Black Henna” that dyes the hair dark brown/ black by combining it with henna. Indigo powder smells like fresh peas, its mixture smells more like nature, like a freshly mowed lawn.


Indigo powder is applied same way as henna, but indigo itself does not really work on gray hair. It has to be either mixed with henna or applied on henna dyed hair. Here is a general idea on working with indigo powder to obtain desired results, these recommendations are assuming your original hair color is lighter than your desired color.

Desired ColorMixture
Light Brown80% Henna + 20% Indigo +10% Cassia Obovata
Medium Brown60% Henna + 25% Indigo+ 15% Cassia obovata
Dark Brown40% Henna + 40% Indigo+ 20% Amla 
Black / JET Black50% Henna + 50% Indigo (Two Step Process)

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