Replacement and return

Orders Policies

The application will be canceled after 3 days if it is not confirmed
In the event of a request for discounts on the site or the bank account or waiting for the arrival of the request.
If the customer receives a wrong request other than the order sent to this store, the shipping charge will be charged to the order.
If received - the services of statistics and order sites
In case the order is sent and the customer does not respond to the request, the customer is required to pay the shipping amount once again to resend the application.
In case the request was sent, the client did not receive his request or refund his money. He is also entitled to deduct 20% of the value of the application and deduct the shipping amount
The customer can return the application within one week from the date of shipment of the request - provided that the original condition (see the terms of the refund) as the store does not bear or send the delegate to receive the returned request.
Terms of replacement and return

Your general use of our store means your acceptance of all the terms and conditions of the code. Please confirm these terms and conditions.
The registration process is done from our main website. If you have any problem registering or sending an application please send a message via the website's email
Please be aware that the data provided by you by name, address and phone number will make it easier for us to communicate with you and provide the best service.
The prices shown in the store are final but do not prevent changes in special offers and discounts
Orders are only reserved for 3 days from the time of the request in any customer's choice for his bank transfer payment method so it is not confirmed through
After payment to our account, a message will be sent to the e-mail where: the application number, the name of the applicant, the transaction number, the filing date, and the bank to which it is deposited. Please check the data to avoid any errors.
The product's customer retrieves the product in case of arrival
Perfumes, make-up, electronic supplies and a range of food supplement products are products that are not subject to stability policy
Any product that was used or arrived will not be returned in its original condition.
If your order is returned by the shipping company because you do not wish to recover and request a refund
We will notify you of the products you wish to replace within 7 days of receipt of the order, provided that the rest is completed within 10 days of receipt of the shipment

Less than its survival in its original state
In the event of doubt of the customer in case the product or product is finished by us.
Contact Us at 0502550050 or
The policy of substitution and recovery does not include sensitive substances such as supplements, health care or health care
In case you wish to replace the application or part thereof:
All you have to do is call the customer care team and tell them what products you would like to replace with the customer you wish to receive, and they will serve you to the fullest.
Follow up the processing team to send your goods with one of the delivery agents, and according to the delegate to receive the goods recovered from you.

In case you wish to retrieve the application or part thereof:
Follow-up of the customer care team
A delivery agent will be sent to pick up the goods you wish to purchase.
Once you have received the goods, you can use the coupon at any time to purchase any products you wish to purchase from our store
In case you wish to receive the amount of goods returned in cash, as much as 10 days from the date of sending your returned requests with the delegate, then contact the customer care team and provide them. I estimate less than 100 riyals in Saudi Arabia