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Ancient Minerals Goodnight Lotion 75ml

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Ancient Minerals Goodnight Lotion

One of the many issues plaguing a vast spectrum of our society – an issue that spans age, gender, lifestyle, and health status – is poor or inconsistent sleep quality.

The benefits of a good night’s sleep reach far and wide as a key factor in helping maintain overall health and well-being. More than simply altering your energy levels, a lack of deep, quality sleep results in a change in brain activity, immune response, organ function and even gene expression. Surprising, isn’t it?


Melatonin as a nutritional supplement is probably best known for its use as a sleep promoter – which is certainly one of the reasons we selected it for our formula. This vital hormone is also a prevalent and powerful antioxidant with a multitude of uses ranging from anti-aging hormone, to immune booster, to radiationprotector.

On top of the more common uses, melatonin has also been used effectively by physicians and clinical researchers in the treatment of some mood disorders, migraines, and even a number of neurological issuessuch as periodic leg movement.

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