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Ear Candles, 2pcs per pack

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What Is Ear Candling?

Ear candling (also called "ear coning") has been a traditional, holistic, natural practice used for centuries. It consists of placing a hollow cylinder coated with wax (ear candle) at the opening of the ear canal and lighting the other end to allow warm smoke to enter the ear to potentially loosen and extract the wax and other debris from the ear canal.

The Benefits of Ear candling

Relieve Stress
Improve Sleep
Relieving Ringing in the Ears
Reduces Sinus Pressure and Ear Aches
Get Rid of Swimmers Ear
Rebalance Your Mental State
Reduce Pain Around the Body

Heres Your All-in-one Guide to Ear Candling:

Use 1-2 pairs of Ear Candles each time, One time per week.
Simply pull out filter and poke foam through wide end for a more holistic traditional burn if desired.
Each ear candle burns for about 10 minutes. When approaching the perimeter of thepolice line, please extinguish it with water, do not blow out.
Do not swim or put your head into the water within 24 hours, and put some little cottons in your ear to keep warm for 2-3 hours.
In order tohave themaximumeffect, please cooperate with the essential oil to detoxify your back and face.
Ear Candles are not suitable for the menstrual period and pregnant women, people who have ear fester, or someone with a perforated eardrum.

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